Of the just under 300 employees of Virginia Gay Hospital and our clinics, about half commute into Vinton each work day. Vinton has amenities that make a break in your schedule fun and nourishing.

Local restaurants include an authentic Mexican restaurant, Chinese, a coffee shop serving sandwiches and soup, and of course the usual chain food places.

Shopping and community celebrations provide ample opportunity to become more acquainted with the community and the people you care for.

Vinton is located 32 miles north from Cedar Rapids, and 35 miles south of Waterloo. There are 12 miles of highway that isn’t four-lane when driving from either of those communities.

Don’t forget look for opportunities at our outlying clinics that may be closer to you. Our family medical clinics are located in Urbana, Van Horne, Atkins and Vinton.


Vinton’s place between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids has made it a great place for many dual working couples to call home.

Other area employers popular with residents of the area include Rockwell-Collins, John Deere, and many other large employers needing employees with diverse skill sets.

Vinton’s largest local employer is the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District, followed by Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics.

Great schools, new recreational opportunities, and a safe environment with access to quality healthcare make Vinton a great place to call home.

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